How To Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Logging In?
How To Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Logging In?

As previously mentioned in Keyboard Shortcuts, another way to take a screenshot is to use the Print Screen button . Pressing just the Print Screen button will take a picture of everything visible on your computer screen; Pressing Prt Scn+Alt will take a picture of the currently active window . Screenshots taken with the print screen button must be pasted (with Ctrl+V) into an image editing software such as Paint, GIMP, or Photoshop. The desktop PC owners can press the Windows and PrintScreen button to take and save a screenshot. Check the computer's manual to find out which keyboard shortcut works on your laptop, and head over to the Screenshots folder if you would like to edit the picture or upload it online. Nearly all desktop and laptop PCs have a PrintScreen button on their keyboards, but the process of taking a screenshot may vary depending on the model you have.

If you’re taking a screenshot that you’ll need later, you might not be ready to paste it the minute you’ve taken the capture. In that case, you’ll want it saved into a folder on your PC. This option captures just one window, but you will have to highlight the desired window before using the key command. Again, this just sends the image to the clipboard and does not save the image automatically.

  • If you're a new adopter of a Mac or Windows 10 and need to print your screen, we’ve got you covered.
  • Also, SFC /SCANNOW will complain that your system files were modified.
  • In this post, we’ll walk you through the top 3 methods for capturing a screenshot on Windows that work every time.

It's also smart to reset the PC before giving it to a new user or selling it. After prolonged use or after installing Windows 10 updates, third-party apps, drivers, or antivirus software, it is not uncommon for your computer to start performing poorly. To help with this, Microsoft offers a variety of refresh options that allow you to execute a factory reset or reinstallation of Windows 10.

Using Print Screen Key

TechSmith is the industry leader in screen capture software. The Snagit is a screen capture and recording software. Snagit can be used for workplace communication. The team can use images and videos to deliver clear, concise messages that move work forward without a meeting, call, or long email. With the Print Screen key on your keyboard, you can either take a screenshot of your full screen here or capture an active window. There are not usually a lot of steps to taking a screenshot in Windows.

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Then you can select a convenient location where the screenshot can be placed. Snagit is one of the best screenshot tools, but the best part is its role as a powerful photo editing tool. The premium version of this tool will bring some more exciting editing tools which will help you take attractive screenshot. The premium version will also allow you to set your favorite keyboard shortcut to take screenshots. If none of the above 4 free methods can meet your needs, then maybe only a paid tool will be qualified. Of course, there are many free photos editors for Windows for the very purpose.

Let’s take a look at how to use snipping tool to take screenshots and edit them on Mac and Windows laptops. There are a few ways to take screenshots on a computer. The most common way is to use the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard.

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